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Jet fuel bought from Russia by the oil giant - heading to Arlanda

Jet fuel bought from Russia by the oil giant – heading to Arlanda

Javel forcibly ended up in the middle of one of the most burning problems at the moment when the oil tanker Transsib Bridge reached Swedish waters. last week.

SVT has set the ship’s route to Sweden – and the deal almost no one wants to talk about.

The tracks start from the pier in the Russian port of Ust Luga, west of Saint Petersburg, where the oil tanker was filled with just over 40,000 tons of Russian jet fuel.

When the ship reached Swedish waters, a unique situation arose for the port of Gävle – this was the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine that an oil tanker arrived from Russia. Several other countries decided to transfer the Russian ships, but not Sweden.

SVT has spoken to a number of players who have been involved in dealing with Russian fuel, but few want to talk about the deal. We discover through the sources that the buyer of jet fuel is the British oil company BP, which has operations in Sweden.

BP: last delivery

Through the London Department of Communications, they confirm the information. The oil company says the contract was in place before the Russian invasion and that it has not made any new deals with Russian oil or gas products.

BP wrote to SVT: “Russian oil and gas are deeply integrated into the European energy system and we want guidance from governments to be able to help ensure continued security of supply.”

According to the company, the last shipment of aviation fuel to Gavle was the last.

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The plan is for the jet fuel to be transported to Arlanda later, as indicated in documents from Swedish customs, which were read by SVT.

Ukraine appealed to the outside world to cancel imports of Russian oil and gas – the United States did, and the United Kingdom took steps in the same direction. However, the Swedish government says it is waiting for a joint decision from the European Union. When this might happen is currently unclear.

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