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Jenå hopes to headwind into the team final

Jenå hopes to headwind into the team final

The potential to upset major nations such as Germany, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands was limited when Well Done took the wrong step and injured her knee last week.

Patrick Kittel had to go out – and suddenly Sweden’s most powerful card was gone. But national team captain Bo Gina has one point:

– It’s a new day, an unwritten paper and everyone is starting from scratch. You have to learn that. The Germans also start from scratch and the special suits our horses better. He says we have good hopes to spoil everything.

Dorothy Schneider, Jessica von Prideaux-Werndl and Isabel Wirth won the playoffs by a wide margin.

– The Germans are the best in the world when it comes to it, Jenå says of the low odds of ending up in German cheers.

Anything other than German gold is a bang.

Trio Therese Nilschagen, Juliette and Antonia Rammell – six in the team’s playoffs – want to try it out in the fight for the other medals.

– Juliette and Antonia could do better at the Grand Prix, and that’s her specialty for Therese. Then everything will work that day, says Bo Gina.

TT: If so?

– Yes, you… It’s hard to say. Some placement maybe, but then we’ll have a tailwind. You can always dream about and hope for a medal, but we must do our best.

If Sweden succeeds in taking a bronze, it is a great achievement.

Swedish start times: 10.20: Antonia Ramel / Brother de Jeu, 11.55: Juliette Ramel / Buriel, 14.25 (approx): Therese Nilshagen (Dante Weltino).

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Facts: They compensate for the team’s dressage medals

Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany.