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Javier Miley wins elections in Argentina

Javier Miley wins elections in Argentina

There may be an abolished central bank, dollarization of the local currency, and the legal sale of human organs in the future in Argentina.

Preliminary figures suggest that Javier Miley, a controversial hardline liberal, will win elections in Argentina and become the country’s next president, the BBC reports.

After 92% of the votes were counted, Miley received 56% of the votes, while his rival, current Finance Minister Sergio Massa, who belongs to the center, received 44%.

Sergio Massa conceded defeat shortly afterwards, Reuters reported.

– Of course, the results are not what we expected. “I called Javier Maile to congratulate him,” Massa said in a speech to his supporters at the vigil.

Compared to Trump

Javier Miley has been widely compared to US President Donald Trump. He calls himself an “anarcho-capitalist”, claims global warming is a lie and wants to ban abortion.

Andres Rivarola, a Latin America expert, says the strong support for right-wing liberals is above all a reaction to many years of economic decline.

After increasing poverty rates in the country and inflation reaching nearly 150 percent, Miley wants to close the Argentine Central Bank and instead introduce the dollar as the country’s official currency.

Trump personally congratulated Miley on the win on his own social platform, Truth Social.

“I’m proud of you. You will make Argentina great again!”

Miley also received congratulations from Brazilian President Lula da Silva and Chilean President Gabriel Boric at X.

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Miley appeared with a chainsaw at his election rallies to show how he wanted to discredit the state apparatus. picture: SVT