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China accused of using sonar pulses against divers  News

China accused of using sonar pulses against divers News

Australian divers were removing fishing nets from the frigate HMAS Toowoomba when this happened. A Chinese warship reportedly sent out pulse waves that struck divers underwater and caused minor injuries, Australia’s ABC reported.

The Australian frigate was off the coast of Japan. It worked to secure sanctions within the framework of the United Nations mission.

According to Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles, the Chinese warship was alerted to the frigate’s activity before the incident.

Although the Chinese ship acknowledged the Toowoomba call, it approached at a close distance. He says and continues:

– Shortly after, it was discovered that it was using its pulse sonar in a way that posed a safety risk to the Australian divers, who had to get out of the water.

Demand for China

Richard Marles criticizes China for acting “uncertainly and unprofessionally”. He says Australia has conducted naval missions in the region for decades and has always acted in accordance with international law.

– Australia expects all countries, including China, to manage its military in a professional and safe manner, he said BBC.

Earlier this month, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in China. The trip was described as a breakthrough in relations between the two countries.

China has not yet commented on the incident that occurred off the coast of Japan.

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