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It will reverberate blankly at the LGBTQ event organized by the British government – after the promise they made – QX

The British government has promised to ban conversion therapy for gay people. It was a promise made by the former prime minister for the first time Theresa May Already in 2018 which was then renewed by the current Prime Minister of the country Boris Johnson – But it hasn’t become a reality yet.

Last week, a British government spokesman announced that they are choosing a different path. Rather than a promised ban on religious and therapeutic attempts to change LGBT orientation and a ban on attempts to change the gender identity of transgender people, they are instead “considering the possibilities of how to more effectively use existing legislation to prevent conversion therapy”. A transformation that was not appreciated by the LGBTQI community and was immediately met with vociferous protests over the savior’s promise.

Just two hours later, new information came from the government. A ban on conversion therapy was planned again, but it would only ban the practice of trying to change LGBT attitudes. Attempts to change the gender identity of transgender people, which Sky News mentioned in.

According to leaked documents published ITV News However, the government’s plan is to completely renege on its promise to cure the conversion. In the documents, they state that the shift will be met with significant protests, and therefore it is recommended that it be made public in connection with the Queen’s May speech as it could be camouflaged as a priority issue by other legislation, thus “reducing the risk of LGBTQ questioning”.

This summer, Pride in London celebrates its 50th anniversary. The British government wanted to draw attention to this through the international LGBTQI conference. The British government has invited a number of LGBTQI organizations to the “Safe to be you” event. But after all the twists and turns and the savior’s promise, more than 100 organizations have now announced that they are boycotting the event. According to BBC News The event will likely be canceled entirely, as no one wants to come and celebrate with the government anymore.

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