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It was the most played match in the world in 2023

It was the most played match in the world in 2023

We are well into the game year 2024 and have seen big news about upcoming games as well as new releases with successful developments. when Kotaku and Newso If we now look at 2023, we can notice an interesting trend between The most played game of the year in the world: Almost all of them had been released in previous years.

The top 10 charts on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC include all games released several years ago, including fortnite Which is rated as the most played game on all four platforms. Sure, Fortnite may be a free-to-play game with constant updates, but it's hard to ignore that the original version was released a year ago July 2017Six years of continuous growth.

Other “retro” games that appeared on the charts include GTA V (2013), Roblox (2006), Maine Craft (2011), Rocket League (2015), Apex Legends (2019) and Sims 4 (2014). However, they have all been continuously developed since their release, like the first version fortnite.

It is also worth noting that Starfield It was the only major thing Single player game In the top 10 list for Xbox and Playstation, while Nintendo Switch also entered The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears, Super Mario Bros. He wonders, Pokemon Scarlet/Purple & Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many of these games have online features, of course, but you can play the main game yourself.

You can find the full menus in the image below!

Photo: Kotaku/Newzo