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Isabella Palmgren, CEO and founder of Mimbly wins Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2021!

Isabella Palmgren, CEO and founder of Mimbly wins Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2021!

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The Postcode Green Challenge sweepstakes has named Isabella Palmgren, CEO and founder of Mimbly, the winner of this year’s competition. In the final, the five finalists presented their products and services to the international jury, and after selecting the winner, Mimbly received a grand prize of €500,000 for Mimbox, a technology that recycles washing machine water, saves energy and filters microplastics from waste streams.

  • “It takes a lot of capital to start a hardware company,” Isabella Palmgren says. “With 1 percent of our venture capital funding going to companies with foundations, it has been a challenging journey. This prize money helps us achieve our first product marketing and also brings us closer to a consumer solution. Saving microplastics and water should not be an option; it should be It is automatically present in all the devices we purchase.”
  • “Isabella is an amazing winner. Mimbly’s Mimbox is a great solution that can help the world wash more sustainably. Through the international Green Challenge, we have put green startups in the spotlight for 15 years. Young entrepreneurs play an important role in facilitating the transition to a sustainable lifestyle.” A sustainable life.This is exactly what the five postal lotteries in the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Germany and Norway, along with 13 million players, operate every day. says Sigrid van Aken, Jury Chair and CEO of Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries.

The jury awarded the second prize of €200,000 to Hanson Cheng in the UK. His startup, Tire Collective, is developing a unit that can be modified to modify vehicle wheels to prevent tire wear from entering the ecosystem. The other three finalists, Judge Sohail Ahmed from ChargeBnB (Norway), Jardo Stamchus from Liion Power (Netherlands) and Oliver Bohm from Warmduscher (Germany), each received €100,000.

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About Mimbly

Mimbly designs and develops innovative solutions aimed at changing unsustainable behaviours, with a focus on laundry. The products have been developed to be intuitive, simple and fun to use, so that durability must be felt. Mimbly’s Mimbox is a product that connects to washing machines and makes laundry more durable by saving water, energy and carbon dioxide and stopping harmful microplastics from entering the water system.

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About the Green Challenge in the ZIP Code Lottery

The Dutch Postal Lottery was established in 1989 to raise money for charities working to make the world a greener and fairer place. Today it has four sister lotteries: the Swedish Postal Lottery in Sweden, the People’s Postal Lottery in the UK, the German Postal Lottery in Germany and the Norwegian Postal Code Lottery in Norway.

The world urgently needs to become greener and more sustainable. The competition is there to increase green businesses and help them make a difference right now. Because the world can’t wait.

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