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Is there a platform for Mercedes in Silverstone?

Lewis Hamilton finished third. George Russell Four.

Can Mercedes challenge for another podium spot in the UK GP at F1?

UK GP on F1
Max Verstappen (Red Bull), Carlos Science (Ferrari) and Louis Hamilton (Mercedes) (AB / DT)

Two weeks later, Lewis Hamilton’s second podium for the season and another place within the top five for George Russell, there are positive tones at Mercedes.

– We should be satisfied, Toto Wolf tells the German sky.

The steady manager may point out that after nine races George Russell has never been worse than five and has retained fourth place in the World Cup in Formula 1. In addition, he happened to see Lewis Hamilton playing a good race. The back pain was gone from the bag, and now for Hamilton it was a smile.

– We really stuck to the plan, and this is our pace today. At the end of the second period, we were really fast in everything, says Toto Wolf.

At the same time, he sends a warning to the team.

– A swallow does not make summer, we saw the same in Barcelona.

What is possible in this UK GP on F1?

Mercedes was fine in Spain, then lost a lot in races in Monaco and Baku. In two weeks, the UK will be waiting for the GP on F1.

– We have driven well on Silverstone ever before. Now the question is whether this is the condition of the new car. Less bumps and flat path, I think the better for us.

George Russell was also overjoyed despite being beaten by colleague Hamilton.

“We have never been so close to Red Bull and Ferrari in terms of speed this season,” he told Sky.

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The UK GP at F1 in Silverstone is home to Mercedes as a group, but to both drivers.

However, we must remember that Ferrari’s Charles Lecklerk made a mechanical change and started in the rear of Canada. He was so frustrated that he didn’t get a chance to fight on stage with Mercedes cars. In addition, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was forced to break through due to a technical problem, meaning Mercedes took second place.

Want to read more about Canada GP and F1 , Which was won by Max Verstappen, you do it through the link. This is his sixth victory in nine World Cup races in 2022.

In 2013, the team had nine wins in a row, followed by Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel.

Another interesting piece of information is that the Serio Perez broke down due to problems with the gearbox.

As I wrote after the race, Fernando Alonso was punished. He retreated to ninth place because he changed tracks several times.

New platform for Dino Beganovic

Dino Beganovic continues to present. He drove home another stage at this weekend for the Formula One Regional European Championships in Zandvoort.

In the first race in the Netherlands, he finished fifth, finishing fourth after being punished by a leading competitor for illegally using push-to-pass overtaking assistance. He finished third in the second race, his eighth podium finish in ten starts this season.
– Okay, but honestly Dino Beganovic says I did not get the best feeling in the car this weekend.

– We worked hard to find the right one, but the balance was not really there and I had problems, especially in the middle field. We must remember that we have set the bar too high for ourselves, and the fact that we are still able to get out of here with one more stage space on such a difficult weekend is a sign of strength.

After five matches in ten races, he is leading the championship, 36 points ahead of teammate Paul Aaron.

– This is a fantastic first half, and leading the championship at half time is definitely very inspiring, says Dino Bekanovic.

– We now have two weeks to sit down and analyze in detail what did not really work this weekend, and learn as much as we can from it. We will not leave anything out in this title fight, so I promise.

The next match will be decided on July 8-10 in Hungary.