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iPhone receives updates for at least five years

iPhone receives updates for at least five years

There is a long-term relationship

The new legislation means Apple has started offering guarantees on how long a device can receive security updates.

Apple isn't usually very clear about how long it usually provides support for its devices in the form of updates. However, new legislation in Great Britain means there is a change in this matter.

Earlier this year, the UK introduced new PSTI (Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure) regulations, which force companies selling Internet-enabled products in the country to meet certain security requirements. This included, among other things, a requirement that companies provide security updates within a specified, specified period of time.

apple It has now filed a public registration request for the iPhone 15 Pro Max stating the device's limited support period of at least five years from the date of first delivery, which in this case was stated to be September 22, 2023.

Sure, five years is two years shorter than, say, Samsung and Google, which these days offer seven years of OS and security updates, but then you have to keep in mind that support is stated as “at least five years.” Apple has a habit of offering support longer than that, so even if you don't know in practice how long devices will receive security updates, it won't be less than five years.

Although this covers UK legislation, it still gives an indication of how long devices may receive security updates of other lengths as well.