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Investigator: cancel the housing allowance today |  HN

Investigator: cancel the housing allowance today | HN

The investigation into housing allowance and maintenance support will present its proposals on Tuesday. One of the proposals now made by the investigator in Dagens Nyheter مناقشة discussion page, is that maintenance subsidies were removed and a government maintenance regulation was introduced instead.

According to the investigator, the current support, which can be provided when the other parent does not pay alimony, is not sufficiently dependent on the parents themselves being responsible for the maintenance of their children.

Karlsson Björkmarker wrote: “Like today, not caring about the overall financial affairs of parents to support their children is outdated and counterproductive.”

The state maintenance regulation is proposed to be a purely parent-parental regulation and does not include any financial support from the state.

The investigator also wants to cancel the housing allowance and replace it with a new allowance called housing and family support. Support should be based on three separate parts: housing support, family support and orphan support. It is proposed that the support of separated parents replace the compensatory role played by maintenance support today, which the investigator therefore wants to remove.

Åsa Karlsson Björkmarker writes: “To break the trend that more and more children are growing up at a lower financial level, real reforms and redistribution must be undertaken. Investigation proposals are important steps in this work.”

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