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Internet Doctor Kry Closes Big Round of Capital - $17 Billion

Internet Doctor Kry Closes Big Round of Capital – $17 Billion

Zakaria Bennani is the Director of Cloud Business at Telia Cygate.

Today, most of us use cloud services. But how safe is public clouds? And how should companies think about sensitive communications?

At present, the boundary between public and private clouds has been blurred. Security in the cloud is about developing a security management methodology rather than individual products, says Zakaria Bennani, director of cloud business at Telia Cygate.

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More and more companies and organizations today are choosing to move their business to the cloud. It has many benefits. You have access to a complete infrastructure, you only pay for the capacity you use and you can easily increase or decrease it as needed. Features that were previously too complex or too expensive to develop yourself are now instead available for ‘on tap’ purchase.

With the advent of the cloud, we are shifting our focus from IT operation and maintenance to business related development. Zakaria Bennani says it opens the door to a whole new world where we can get rid of our technical debt and focus on implementation and innovation.

In the forward tilted position, it is important to keep the tongue straight in the mouth. Because when the implementation threshold is lowered, the number of projects and initiatives increases and then it becomes easy for security questions to arise only afterwards.

I usually describe the public cloud as a catalyst for increasing the innovative power of a company. Instead of spending most of our time on day-to-day IT operations, the focus could instead be on strategic IT, i.e. building the technical capabilities needed to increase the competitiveness of the company. And you need to incorporate a methodology for managing the security of your solution.

New Safety Thinking

A connected environment also means a different way of thinking about safety. Central to good security in a cloud environment is the ability to identify the user and classify their data. This is especially important when dealing with personal information that is subject to the Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR.

So it is important to use the cloud in the right way with a mix of private and public cloud services. This way, you can capture the value that the cloud implies, while at the same time complying with the regulatory requirements faced by the public sector in particular.

– When companies operate in many private clouds, they easily turn into isolated islands and thus the business development we want is hampered. This is why we believe in a hybrid cloud blend or solution, says Zakaria Bennani.

Fast Feet in a Changing World

It is also important to ensure that data is transmitted to and from the cloud. It requires a secure infrastructure with frameworks and routines, but it also requires a secure and resilient communication solution. We need to protect our data not only in our various clouds, but also in transit. By combining Telia’s cloud solutions, identity services and secure communications solutions, we ensure that we are building the best conditions for the future.

After all, Zakaria Bennani says, security is a fickle country.

The world changes and nothing is certain forever. Therefore, security is something we have to actively work with. We must move quickly. Because in a world of rapid change and unpredictability, weak security solutions can pose unnecessary risks. Trade secrets can be leaked and the company may be exposed to cyber attacks.

Get everything connected

A Telia survey among its customers shows that companies believe security is important, but they don’t see it as an obstacle to their cloud journey.

The crucial point instead is how they should relate everything. They are often difficult to crack because there is a complexity that arises when many different systems are joined together. Zakaria Bennani says that building efficiencies in all the different systems that may not belong in the core business can also result in very high demands on internal organization, which often translates into increasing lead times and costs.

The most important thing is to have a trusted partner who can help figure out how to achieve your business goals – and understand how to build the right infrastructure in a fast and secure way in a changing world. Someone who works consistently with a mix of national telecom services, who can customize solutions at the same time, and has the highest confidence in both the public and private sectors.

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