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Information: The United States does not accept Sweden's appeal

Information: The United States does not accept Sweden’s appeal

Information: The United States does not accept Sweden’s appeal

If the country joins NATO, the United States will not guarantee security to Sweden during the application process.

Sweden, along with Finland, will be welcomed by 30 NATO members if the government wishes to apply for a military alliance.

However, Dagens Nyheter states that the United States will not guarantee security to Sweden until the application process reaches the 100 percent target and the country becomes a full member.

Conversation with the United States

The newspaper cites sources in government offices who are said to have an insight into the work currently underway prior to a future application for NATO.

US Secretary of Defense Colin Call will hold talks with Sweden and the Finnish government in the coming days.

Security guarantees do not apply

– He clarified that US security guarantees do not apply during the application process, but one of the sources for DN states that they apply only if they are full members, receiving the same message from other sources.

Plans a meeting with the UK

Sweden has been in talks with the United Kingdom about obtaining certain types of security guarantees during the expiration period when applying for membership in NATO.

Ministers and ambassadors have attended and several meetings are scheduled soon, Aftonbladet said.

To be sure

Especially with the UK, the government is trying to get written notification of the security guarantee in case Sweden is attacked during the application process.

– The United Kingdom is one of the largest NATO countries and has the capability to prevent it. There is already far-sighted cooperation between Sweden and the United Kingdom, the newspaper emphasizes the source, which is said to be transparent.

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US request to the Prime Minister

From within the Social Democrats, there have been calls for Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson to seek such assurances from US President Joe Biden, who is now said to be rejecting Sweden.

– The United States or other capable nations must make it clear that Russia will retaliate for the attack on Sweden. This is a prerequisite for applying for Sweden membership, MP Hans Hoff (S) told Aftonbladet on Wednesday.

“No guarantees”

Hans Hoff added:

– In the worst case scenario, Russia could launch missiles at Stockholm. During the application period, of course there will be huge reprimands from the outside world, but nothing more than that because there are no guarantees. Sweden must be protected during the application period.

Results by May 22

The Social Democrats announced at a press conference today that they would present the results of the ongoing security analysis within the party after May 22. Then comes the NATO message.

– The talks will end on May 12 and we will begin our decision-making process after May 12, says party secretary Tobias Boutin.

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