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Information about the “initial agreement” between Israel and Hamas

Information about the “initial agreement” between Israel and Hamas

Hamas now says it will release 30 children, eight mothers and 12 other women as part of hostage release deal, according to Israeli reports Haaretz.

Israel had previously indicated that they would be exchanged for about 150 Palestinian-Israeli prisoners in a first phase. There will also be a four- to five-day pause in fighting to allow for hostage exchanges.

The numbers are subject to change and the deal, which still requires Israeli government approval, is still at risk of collapse.

If the temporary truce holds, it is hoped that more hostages will be able to be released.

Earlier on Tuesday, a spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Ministry, which mediated between the two parties, said that the settlement was “closer than ever.”

– We are very optimistic, official spokesman Majid Al-Ansari tells NBC News.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a special cabinet meeting today after reports that an arms deal with Hamas was nearing completion.

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