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Info: Putin knows that his advisers lie to him.

Info: Putin knows that his advisers lie to him.

Information emerged on Wednesday that his advisers had misled Putin about how things were actually going for Russian forces and about how sanctions would affect the country’s economy.

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Tensions between the president and the Department of Defense have been described as tense – but according to Wesley Clark, the former commander-in-chief of NATO, this is not an unusual phenomenon.

– In the Russian army, information is treated as an important security component and for this very reason they lie to each other. In an interview with CNN, Clarke said they have learned this since the Soviet Union and Putin learned they were lying to him.

The system is about lying

He went on to say that Putin may not appreciate the situation itself, but there is an acceptance of a system that goes far back in time.

– With their system, you lie, you lie upside down. You’re hiding information because if you tell the truth, you’ll be the first to be shot when you’re not working as you should, Clark explains in the interview and continues:

– They know how to treat each other, so we shouldn’t make that a big deal. For us, this is shocking, but not for them and Putin knows it. He got to the top by lying to people, he knows how the system works.

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Biden: Advisers may have been fired

US President Joe Biden also briefly commented on the information Thursday. He said that “it appears that he has isolated himself. There are indications that he has fired some of his advisors or placed them under house arrest.”

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But he added that this is information he has not been able to secure yet because there is no strong evidence.

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