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Info: Daylight is expected to deliver a positive message to Ukraine

Info: Daylight is expected to deliver a positive message to Ukraine

Info: Daylight is expected to deliver a positive message to Ukraine

Britain’s Secretary of State Lis Tras will announce on Wednesday that Britain and other Western countries will send warplanes to Ukraine.

The foreign minister will announce his statement in a speech later Wednesday, BBC News reports.

The plan is seen as part of Britain’s long-standing military support for Ukraine.

Still need to go further

In his speech, he will say that the Western world must mobilize and be ready to go even further in military support for Ukraine, the BBC learns.

The news that Britain expects is very positive news for Ukraine.

Have appealed to provide

The country has previously, on several occasions, requested the provision of fighter jets. Soviet-era warplanes, in particular, were well known to Ukrainian pilots for handling such aircraft.

Allies in the West have been reluctant to respond to Ukraine’s appeal. Fears that the supply of warplanes could provoke Russia is a key argument behind the rejection of Ukraine’s appeal.

Many heavy weapons

But as NATO members increase their support, the BBC reports that Liz Truss will announce that allies need to make further progress in their support.

According to the news channel, he is expected to say that Western powers should dig deep into their arsenals and give Ukraine heavy weapons such as tanks and planes.

Stop Russian power

The foreign minister is expected to call for a complete halt to Russian oil and gas imports into Europe, the BBC has learned.

Moreover, Truss says he wants to “restart” the international security establishment, given the progress made in Ukraine.

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Complete reversal

The expected news of Lis Truss came shortly after Germany decided to make a U-turn and send advanced weapons to Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Kristin Lambrecht confirmed the decision on Tuesday. Germany sends Kebart van security system to Ukraine

It is said that publishing the news was a ploy of the Germans. The German government wants to defuse criticism of the country’s reluctance to send arms and show that Germany is back on track, according to several German media outlets.

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