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Infectious disease of birds on a poultry farm in Närke

Infectious disease of birds on a poultry farm in Närke

An outbreak of serious and contagious Newcastle disease has been discovered in the province of Örebro, following test results from the Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA).

“Avian influenza and Newcastle disease viruses circulate regularly in wild birds. To avoid the spread of infection to domestic birds, it is always important to ensure that direct and indirect contact between domestic and wild birds is avoided,” says Infection Control Farmer Caroline Busval. , according to a press release.

The authority imposed restrictions in the area to avoid further spread. An infection control investigation has been initiated in order to ascertain the source of the infection and whether there is a risk of further spread.

This disease is harmless to humans.

The disease is relatively uncommon and she is not aware of any previous outbreaks in the county, says Ella Siegvardsson, an Örebro County veterinarian.

Since 1995, 20 outbreaks of Newcastle disease have occurred in Sweden. The most recent outbreak recorded in Västra Götaland County was in 2018. In the previous year, farms were affected in Östergötland County, Skåne County and Kalmar County.

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