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I love my job, but now I can't stand you - Jevel Dagblad

I love my job, but now I can’t stand you – Jevel Dagblad

I arrive early and be late so I have time to do what I have to do. But dear patient, you have become very demanding and usually need quick solutions to your problems. You demand that it be resolved quickly. You demand to come to me early, but what you don’t know is that I have many other patients to take care of, and I have administrative, and other tasks for my business.

You come into my room and ask for help when I have other patients, you stop me in the corridor and you want help right away. But I can’t help you when I’m busy with other patients.

Where else can you step in and expect immediate help? Can you do the same with a doctor?

You get angry because you have to wait when you lose your help. You get angry because you come to visit on the wrong day or time or go to the wrong place. Then I’m supposed to help you even though I have other patients. I book patient visits for lunch because you are asking for help and can’t wait. I book patients as soon as I get resubmission.

I work more on the weekends to shorten the queues, but you don’t come, or you come and tell me you’re not interested in trying the utilities at all.

I love my job but now I can’t do a little extra for you.

Licensed Health Care Personnel Gavleburg District

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