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Hunting Grounds in this month's PS Plus game | MovieZine

Hunting Grounds in this month’s PS Plus game | MovieZine

Assassination, cooking, and movie monsters are presented in September on Playstation Plus.

Each month, Playstation includes two free games for paying PS Plus members, with sometimes good titles downloaded.

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In September, the games “Predator: Hunting Arenas”, “Hitman 2” and “Overcooked! All You Can Eat” were presented.

In a multiplayer game “Predator: Hunting Grounds” Do you take on the role of one of the Four Soldiers, or the role of the crazy predator we learn from from the 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You can either try to complete different missions before the predator finds you or hunt down your prey like a monster with exotic weapons like Plasma Caster and Combistick.

The game was released in the spring of 2020 and has received relatively modest reviews, with an average rating of 56 out of 100 On Metacritic.

I “Hitman 2” As of 2018, you will once again play the role of the world’s best bald assassin, Agent 47.

On the paths that stretch across sun-drenched streets into dark rainforests, it’s important to kill your victims to get to the elusive Shadow Agent while at the same time relieving your shadowy past. “Hitman 2” also includes the so-called Sniper Assassin mode, in which you can play with a friend.

“Overcooked! All you can eat” Blending all the content from the previous two messy party games with nicer graphics, in a delicious version with over a hundred tracks.

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Together with your friends on the couch or online, it is important to cook in many dangerous kitchens like lava-splashing volcanoes, glaciers and other exotic places. It looks like a bed for a great game night, which, perhaps, can be combined with joint cooking.

All three games will be available to download at no additional cost from September 7 through October 4.

PlayStation Plus It is a paid service that is partially required for online multiplayer, but it also includes some select games that can be downloaded for free every month. Recently, “Hunter’s Arena: Legends”, “Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville” and “Tennis World Tour 2” have been included.

What do you think of this month’s PS Plus offer?