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Hundred Days Master System #2: Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck

Hundred Days Master System #2: Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck

Sega He was responsible for many good licensed games based on Disney characters during the 1990s, and one of the best on the Master System is Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck. It is notable that this is a late game for the Master System. It was released in 1993 (exclusively in PAL regions) and really took advantage of everything the console had to offer in both sound and visuals. If it weren’t for the slow and somewhat noisy sound and image refresh, you might still be able to imagine The deep duck problem Like an early Mega Drive title. Then I mention here that the game was released four years (!) after the Mega Drive entered the scene, and also about a year before the PlayStation debuted in Japan.

Games like Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck It truly attests to how strong the main system is in the PAL regions, namely Europe, Australia and above all South America. In Brazil, for example, a large number of titles were sold exclusively to the country thanks to its publisher in the region, Tec Toy. We will likely return to these titles later in the series of articles.

So how is the game itself? Good – really good. Among SEGA’s Disney offerings, this is a truly underrated little gem (citrine is a gem too, right?). Like I said, the graphics are beautiful, every enemy is clearly animated, and Donald himself has several distinct animations. The track was notably designed with limitations in mind, but still manages to deliver rich variety. It even scrolls diagonally in places, something that’s rarely possible even on 8-bit hardware.

But what you gain in graphics, you often lose in performance – and this title is no exception. Unfortunately, you’re forced to get used to the very low image refresh The deep duck problem. But after a while it becomes a habit, and much better than before Lucky Day Capper (Which we, the spoilers, are guaranteed to return to). Given the lack of liquidity, it is welcome to be a fairly easy game. With six lanes and two areas in each, it’s not impossible to get through without running out of extra lives (or attempts, as the game calls its extra lives). I will never be able to resist this Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck. He knows what he wants to be and does it well.

Well that ends well?