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Huge loss for Boris Johnson's conservatives

Huge loss for Boris Johnson’s conservatives

Helen Morgan, the Liberal Democrat, who won the by-election and now holds a seat in Parliament, says voters have sent a “loud and clear” message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson that “the party is over”.

Your government, which lives on lies and conspiracies, will be held accountable. She says after victory that she can be defeated and will be defeated.

North Shropshire is a constituency In the West Midlands region of England, west of Birmingham. The constituency is the northern part of Shropshire, which is usually described as one of the most rural counties in England.

Conservative MP Oliver Dowden told Sky News: “North Shropshire voters are tired and they punished us and I think they wanted to send us a message.”

As Chairman of the Conservative Party, I want this to be heard loud and clear.

The defeat of the Conservative Party comes at a time when Boris Johnson is facing major challenges, as his popularity has started to decline recently.

Just a few days ago Nearly 100 of the prime minister’s party comrades voted against the government’s proposal to update the restrictions imposed on the spread of coronavirus in England. That defeat followed reports of a Christmas party in Downing Street last year despite the restrictions. Pictures from a competition said to have taken place the week before Christmas last year, with Johnson as the test leader, also attracted negative attention.

The seat in Parliament became vacant following mold and corruption scandals involving Conservative Party members and Owen Patterson, who have been sitting there since 1997. Patterson has been involved in well-paid lobbyists for two companies in parallel with his parliamentary work. He was due to be removed from parliament after the information was revealed after it was revealed but he chose instead to resign, leading to Thursday’s election.

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