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How to enable built-in ransomware protection in Windows

How to enable built-in ransomware protection in Windows

The Internet is plagued by ransomware that wants to access your personal files. The easiest thing you can do to avoid these Trojans is to not click on untrusted links.

Antivirus software can also prevent applications from changing files in your folders as an added security feature. also Microsoft Defender It has this feature, but you must turn it on manually.

how to use

To turn on protection, go to the Windows Start menu and type Windows Security. Then you move on Protection against viruses and threats Where you scroll down and click Anti-extortion protection managementwhere you can turn on the feature Access the organized folder.

Click on the Extortion Trojans setting at the bottom of the box.


Turn on structured folder access to turn on ransomware protection.

By blocking apps from accessing your files and folders, you also prevent malware from accessing your documents, photos, OneDrive files, and other saved media. However, Defender will not block other Microsoft apps like Office 365 from accessing your folders.

Did you know that Windows has built-in ransomware protection?

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