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How much sleep should you get if you are over 40?

How much sleep should you get if you are over 40?

If you are over 40, here’s how much sleep you should get each night. Let’s see what the study says.

Sleep is important for our health. It all depends on the quality and amount of our sleep time. That is the most important moment in our lives It also depends on our physical and mental health.

Let’s dispel the myth that they are enough Need to feel rested for eight hours at night. After a certain age, other parameters should be considered and may be sufficient Sleep less. In fact, even according to one study The optimal amount for seven hours of sleep in middle age.

What research shows about the amount of sleep

Sleep well

This showed the completed studyBecause the part of the brain that is most affected by sleep‘Hippocampus’It will shrink with too much sleep and too little rest.

Special experiments have been done On products over 40 years These groups, which sleep only seven hours, seem to have positive reactions.

It is important to analyze it Interruption of sleep Really play The most important role for memories and recollection. So, even if you sleep a little, it is very important to do it well and consistently. Our body does it It can be very effective after middle age.

Whether we sleep a little or sleep badly This leads to the formation of high levels of toxins in our body. We can not only be tired, but also anxious and depressed, unable to concentrate.

But what if you sleep too much? In a study conducted in the UK a Hippocampal contraction.

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This section does not benefit our body at all Because it has to be more or less exactly in balance To ensure that our physical and mental health really benefits from it.

Good sleep is important, but so is the amount and quality of sleep It depends on the age An important and decisive factor. After the age of 40, our body and their needs begin to change And we should To integrate We have a complex biological machine, right Sleeping.