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Horror game 'Alan Wake' turns into AMC TV series |  Movie Zen

Horror game ‘Alan Wake’ turns into AMC TV series | Movie Zen

Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment behind games like “Max Payne” and “Control” has teamed up with AMC to produce a TV series on “Alan Wake”.

A lot is happening at Finnish Remedy Entertainment, which is behind games like “Control” and “Max Payne” but not least “Alan Wake”.

In addition to the fact that they recently released a remastered version of “Alan Wake” and a sequel to “Alan Wake II” is in the works, they have been working on TV series for a while, such as “The Walking Dead” – and “Breaking Bad” – the company AMC I picked up.

It’s been a while since we talked about Alan Wake. Now, AMC, the gorgeous and adorable home of absolutely gorgeous TV series, has bought the rights and we’ve worked together to make it happen, says Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy. In the video update.

“Alan Wake” by Remedy Entertainment is about a horror writer of the same name, who tries to save his wife from a mountain village resembling “Twin Peaks” where bad people and scary shadow characters are being destroyed. Alan manages to drive away the shadow creatures with the help of a flashlight, and then shoot them.

In the same update, they mentioned it too Alan Wake Remastered On its way to the Nintendo Switch, although there is no release date yet.

They also mention that Remedy Entertainment is investing more in horror in “Alan Wake II” and that they will explore the protagonist as a person. Obviously the game should be playable, but unfortunately they won’t be showing any of it during the summer but they are focusing on producing something ready to show later.

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“Alan Wake II” It will be released sometime in 2023.

What do you think of Remedy Entertainment and their games? Do you think a TV series could be any good?