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High ratings, released tomorrow - here's the Resident Evil Village launch trailer

High ratings, released tomorrow – here’s the Resident Evil Village launch trailer

Not every day we get a new one vampireThe version is in the main series. In fact, it has only happened seven times in 25 years (talking about – retesting anniversaries vampire!), And tomorrow it is time for Part Eight. Resident Evil VillageReviews were released yesterday and pieces for example explicit The lands are now at 84 nice. Just Two holes down From the terrifying seventh part, and so on.

Seven Capcom said in one speech, after feedback that the game was ‘Very disgusting’, Changed the balance in Resident Evil Village. FZ review suggests there’s more action and less fear. Overall, it’s a really good game, with four out of five falling.

It begins in a kind of tired silence. Quick breaths, a swish in the bush, and bloody footprints. Soon however, Village thrives on stylized businesses. Of course, there are still classic Resi puzzles and low-key explorations. After all, you need to catch your breath and, above all, gather resources to make ammo and first aid bottles.

Soon or (depending on postage) it is now time to form your own opinion. If you need extra fuel from the hype, Capcom has released a short launch trailer (above).

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