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Herning: Five favorites from Scandinavian earnings

Herning: Five favorites from Scandinavian earnings

Mick: Hey Marcus! Wonder if you can list 5 favorites among Nordic (not Swedish) dividend stocks. It is preferred if they are operating in industries with slightly longer term growth potential.
Marcus: Hey! Five favorite Nordic companies in dividend stocks is the green energy company Neste from Finland. From the same country comes insurance giant Sambo, which hasn’t made its shareholders happy for several years now, but is benefiting if interest rates rise. It is a good hedge against many other stocks that benefit from lower interest rates. In Norway, Tomra is an environmental favorite, although the serving appears to be a bit pricey. The Danish company Novo Nordisk has had a long-term good distribution trend for at least 20 years, and I believe diabetes medicines are a guide to the future. From the same country, I also brought in cigar maker STG, which became almost a pure stock smoker within a year.

Mr. Bean: Hey Marcus! You follow with great interest the companies that you own in your portfolio, and “shade you” on some of them, whether Swedish or North American. Which of your current holdings would you buy more shares in today if you were to buy today and choose only one of them?
Marcus: Hey! I have increased in Cibus and Sampo this week. Cibus continues to attract it with good direct returns and Sampo is insurance against higher interest rates, which will be negative for example. Sepus.

M: Hi Marcus, Do you see any upcoming IPOs that you will sign? Especially for the first hike and selling right away.
Marcus: Hey! I’ll take a closer look at Nilar when the prospectus arrives. Batteries for temporary storage, for example solar and wind turbines, in addition to many major investors.

West Coast: Hey Marcus! Is there a cheap and exciting biotech company on the stock exchange?
Marcus: Hey! I usually answer Subi after that, because he has to lose all of the growth investment earned at some point. Otherwise, Cellink is a potential future volume in bio-inks.

Hoops: Welcome. Do you have any good stakes in the area within ESG. happy vacation.
Marcus: Hey! I would rather have an overview of the environment than choosing a specific regulatory framework for environmental, social and corporate governance. Neste’s renewable jet fuel looks promising and now the share is down a bit. On the other hand, Swedish wind energy company Eolus was hit by the wind in its back on the stock exchange again. Tomra Norwegian pawnshops are another successful eco-friendly sharing opportunity.

Jiro: Hi Marcus, How do you view Realty Income as a long-term possession? Good in 10-20 years or are there monthly distributors that make more sense?
Marcus: Hey! Realty Income is a long-term property in my portfolio, so I definitely think it’s a good monthly distributor. When it opens in the US again, its revenue from cinemas and gyms will start to increase again, until then it appears to be doing well anyway without cutting profits.

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Eric: Hey! Avanza and Nordnet have a lot of foreign exchange ETFs, do you own any of them and can you recommend some of them, preferably with a dividend?
Marcus: Hey, it’s tough to analyze and control money, but take a closer look at, for example SPDR S&P Euro Dividend Aristocrats ETF and Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div yield UCITS USD. These two ETFs are listed in Germany. I don’t own any of them, but I still have MDIV and CHI since the time we were in the European Union we could buy ETFs listed in North America.

Cryptofalota: Hey Marcus, What do you think of Coinbase’s future in the cryptocurrency industry, is it something that she invests in and has her exchange wallet?
Marcus: Hey! Yes, just a few units per mile in any case. It could be a big bubble in the stock market, but exposure to trading many different cryptocurrencies over the next 10 years still looks strategically correct if society changes as much as it might. Evolution is fast so it’s impossible to know what, when, and how, but some small spice pods of the wider kind I think are worth the risk. Swedish Coinshares is also introducing an indirect bias towards cryptocurrencies with its listing on First North.

for every: Win Marcus, what do you think of Coinbase? Is the cryptocurrency equivalent to those who sold Klondike’s spades?
Marcus: Hey! Yes, you can say that. Cryptocurrency financial services provide greater diversification of risk compared to directly owning a single asset. In Klondike, the gold ran out in a few years and then the gold prospectors moved on. It’s hard to tell which digital assets will stay in the long term, so the broad slopes and just the little things are what I love best at the moment.

Juran J: morning! I have Norwegian, Danish and Finnish stocks. Making a fuss with the taxes I have to sell. How much do I lose if I do nothing !?
Marcus: Hey! The lower the yield, the less hassle. If for example Sambo grants 5% in direct return, and the new higher tax withholding of 20% of 5%, i.e. 0.2 * 5 = 1 percentage point will be deducted from the withholding tax plus 15% we return in the normal way. If it continued for many years, it would be a penny. If you have all of the foreign equity in a good KF with a well-managed bank / online broker, you will recover all of the withholding taxes anyway as normal.

Stone: Hey Marcus, Could Cint be a thing for long-term risk avers (think of my kids I’d like to encourage to start out with stocks as a form of savings)? Do you have other similar suggestions for the young guy at risk?
Marcus: Hey! Yes, but other than that, entries to computer game companies like Take Two and Embracer or the Disney Entertainment Group may be more related to children’s daily lives than Cint’s digital customer surveys. The closer the children’s daily posts, the easier it will be to gain their interest.

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welding: Hey, he owns a stock that has ended up on the watchlist. What does it mean to test the new menu? Is there a risk of delisting?
Marcus: Hey! Yes, that’s right, but often stocks revert to the regular list when all the question marks are settled.

Excel D: Do you think Oatly and Hemnet will be a good IPO to invest in?
Marcus: They will definitely be hot and thus have a chance to wake up on the first day etc. Over the course of several years, it only got more mysterious.

Colt: Hey! Where should you get your foreign equity, KF or ISK?
Marcus: Welcome! KF.

Dalkolan: What do you think of Azelio that deals with storage of solar energy, wind energy, etc.
Marcus: A potential stock market bubble, but of course the technology is exciting. I classify the lot as a lottery ticket.

Henrik: Hey Marcus, Are you seeing any cheap US / Canada distributors now? Greetings Henrik
Marcus: Hey! Dividend’s favorite Canadian utilities still looked pretty cheap.

Johan M.: Hey! How do you see the risks of investing in a proven technology / analysis, say the “magic formula”, provided you are consistent and track it directly?
Marcus: Hey! Like any other stock strategy, the risk is moderate if we only follow it.

Nice to: Hey, should you keep or sell SBB? Things have not gone well this year
Marcus: Hey! After the highs of previous years, it is not surprising that there has been a break in the long rise. I don’t see any reason to sell now.

20 year old junior: Hey Marcus, have you found any new companies that you have joined recently or are looking for? Why are they?
Marcus: Hey! I am looking forward to purchasing some Embracer computer game companies in the future in a suitable warehouse, but we’ll see. It’s kind of like I wrote in a column, I want to turn my back on good corporate builders.

Nada: Hey, do you think it’s time to take some gains now after all this hike?
Marcus: Hey! It may be strategically correct to assess risk in the portfolio after a long period of recovery. The uptrend is so strong that it might not be in a hurry to do so, but it is more sustainable at the moment.

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Philippa: You will invest 300,000 SEK. What suggestions do you have?
Marcus: Shares in investment companies and Xact Högutdelande are always a good start. In any case when for example Kinnevik has a discount on articles.

Lars II: What do you think of the future of the Norwegian?
Marcus: It oscillates, but likely to survive after a lot of capital injection.

Bethlehem: How do you see Spiltan’s business acumen and stake?
Marcus: I generally see it as a positive, although the stock may not be for everyone.

rip: Hi, what do you think of the Sustainable Energy Fund? It has fallen sharply. Will the decline continue?
Marcus: Hey, it’s a definite refreshment in green energy overall or it was. This is after huge ups. My best guess is that the force is returning more and more to the sector.

Johan: Hey Marcus, How do you think the stock market for 2021 is going to be? If you have more capital next to the stock market that is supposed to be invested with a long time horizon, should you wait for a potential recovery or invest now at these levels?
Marcus: Hi, I think it will be a good year in the stock market. Start buying from time to time, and it might be more offensive at first especially if there is a rebound. Raising capital all at once may create irrationality and emotion, so it is best to be extra careful.

Aktiepappa or subscriber: Hey! My 11 year old son got 4 Kinnevik B in ISK for 4 years. It was a successful journey. What is your advice regarding these stocks now that the plan is to distribute Zalando shares? ISK does not allow trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in a simple way. Do you think there is a demand for Zalando shares for redemption in the 3-week period that it can trade on the Stockholm Stock Exchange?
Marcus: Hey! Yes, I think it would be a decent price on these redemption shares, but some discount unfortunately.

Eric: Hey Marcus, the vacation homes have been like butter in the sunshine over the past year as an effect of the epidemic. Do you think you can see a similar positive trend regarding smaller boats and in this case the boat manufacturer Nimbus? Greetings, Eric
Marcus: Hey! It might depend a lot on the weather, too. I want to remember that the boat market got a boost in the very hot and sunny summer of 2018. If a rainy summer has become a classic Swedish at the same time as society begins to open up, it is doubtful.