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That is why economists need to rely on nature – Vetenskapsradion Nyheter

the report The Department of Economics and Biodiversity is commissioned by the UK Treasury and the lead author is Partha Dasgupta, Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge.

That the initiative came from Rob Hart, professor of environmental economics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, says the economic situation could be of great importance.

It is among the most important and the most interesting with this report. This indicates that the British government is taking these issues seriously and this means that it is likely that the report will have a greater impact on the international level as well.

The report shows how Our survival, and thus our economies as well, depends on healthy ecosystems that create enabling environments where we and other species can thrive and develop.

But here it is also said Our current vision of economic growth is a problem that leads to species extinction and environmental degradation. So we humans need to change how we consume and produce things.

The report also believes that there is a need to develop a new measure of economic growth from GDP, and this is more in line with sustainable development.

Environmental economist Rob Hart He says we should monitor better whether our natural resources are increasing or decreasing, as in any accounting. He says recently developed technology to measure deforestation via satellite is a good example.

It is believed to be so Of course, biodiversity is an important issue for economists.

Economy is the doctrine of distributing scarce resources. And as consumer products become less and less scarce while nature becomes more scarce, nature sails and how we take care of it as an issue of increasing importance in the national economy.

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