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Here is the next left party leader

Jonas Sjosted of the Left Party announced his resignation from the leadership position of the party and in May the next left leader will be elected at the party conference. According to new prospects from Unibet, it is the party’s deputy chairman Noshi Dadgostar who will take over the post after Sjöstedt.

Two of the candidates are one step ahead of other potential successors to Jonas Seusted, according to Unibet players. Party deputy leader Noshi Dadgostar, who stands at 2.50, and political economist spokeswoman, Ola Anderson, cast odds at 2.75.

– What we can see from the possibilities is that it looks partly that it will be a woman taking charge, and partly that there are two candidates that stand out a bit as potential candidates – Noshi Dadgostar and Ola Anderson. But it is also worth noting that bookmakers do not rule out that V makes a deputy and chooses more who is the leader of the party, says Henrik Holm, betting expert at Unibet.

Third in the list of possibilities is Malin Björk, MEP and in fourth place is Rosana Dinamarca (4.50). Fifth in the list on my club (5.00).

Unibet dispute over Swedish politics

The next permanent party leader of the Left Party
Noshi Dadgostar 2.50.00000
Ola Anderson 2.75.0
Malin Bjork 4.00.00000
Rosana Dinamarca 4.50.00
Ali Esbati
Clara Lindblom 7.00.00
Jens Holm 8.0.00000
Linda Snicker
Hans Linde 12.00.0000
Daniel Bernmar 15.00.0000
Aaron Etzler 20,000,000
Gudrun Schiemann 50,000,000
* Dead race (the odds divided by 2) applies if more than one party leader is elected

The year of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Sweden
2020 2.50.000
2021 13.00.0000
2022 or later 1.33

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See the updated odds:

For more information, please contact: Henrik Holm, Gaming Expert at Unibet, 070-875 41 31, [email protected]