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Here is the news of the new Android 12 from Google

Here is the news of the new Android 12 from Google

Google hit the big design cylinder with Android 12. Here’s the news in its upcoming OS.

It was annoying and exciting About Android even before the I / O developer conference and now has it Google appeared The upcoming operating system Android 12, or at least the latest beta version of it.

Google Stamp is recognizable – but it’s a brand-new design that’s on display that’s based on a system called “Material you.”

“The biggest design change in Android history,” wrote Samir Samat, Vice President of Product Management, Android and Google Play. Blog posts.

Everything is bigger, it’s more fun and it’s all about making the experience even more special. So what was shown?

Animation and larger buttons

You may have noticed this already from the pictures. But the big change in Android 12 is that the design elements are bigger and the animations are more fun. That is, the applications that open clearly expand from the icon, when you open the phone, the waves travel across the screen. The idea with the larger design elements is to make the phone more readable, but one of the downsides is that the user gets fewer buttons and options per screen.

Things that are said to be easiest to modify with changing the design are basic functions like size and brightness.

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More animation should of course mean that it requires more performance. But according to Samat, they thought about it. The window and package manager uses 22 percent less CPU time. Plus, the system server uses 15 percent less than a large, battery-hungry processor core.

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How will these animation changes flow to old Android phones?

New privacy features

Could they have looked at the big competitor Apple here? Ad tracking has also been disabled by default in apps recently.

Android 12 has a new privacy panel where users can see app access settings, data used by apps, and restore app tracking permissions.

Additionally, an indicator appears that shows whether the app is using the microphone or the camera.

Attempts have also been made to make location data more accurate, shall we say? Now the app should be able to see an approximate location, instead of the table in the restaurant you’re sitting at.

Notifications and quick settings

There are some basic features in your phone, according to Google. Like notifications, notifications, quick settings, and yes, the power button. These have also been prioritized in working with Android 12. Among other things, they have tried to make the shadow of the note sharper and more fun, with the aim of giving users a better overview of the quick settings, what they are listening to, etc. . With one click, you should be more or less able to control the entire operating system.

Quick settings have been given a new look. Google Play and Home Controls are now here too.

By pressing the “long” switch, you can now activate the voice assistant.

The material you are

It really is about collaboration between software, hardware, and material design. So the latter is the design principles for Android GUI. So far these groups are merged into what Google calls for articles for you.

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A set of principles will create and implement interfaces on Google products, the web, apps, devices, and Android devices. It will be the first of the new Pixel phones.

The feature that is the fruit of the materials you use is that if you change the background image, you also get the opportunity to change the system colors automatically. What Android 12 does is determine the dominant and complementary colors from the background image thus creating identical system colors on the buttons, studs, etc.

Other design changes worth noting are the screen in lock mode. The watch is great as long as you don’t have any notes. But when the light dims, the clock shrinks.

more than?

Well, Google announced that it currently has over 3 billion active Android users. With this, Android is the largest mobile operating system in the world.

Google also announced that it will now allow Pixel and Samsung phones to be used as car keys, provided the phone is equipped with Android 12. The feature supports UWB and NFC. However, so far, the automaker BMW has only supported the Android digital car key.