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Here are the standout players in the World Cup - the Englishman above

Here are the standout players in the World Cup – the Englishman above

It was time for the quarterfinals of the World Cup, but he missed the playoffs for the first time since 1986 without Trey Croner.

How was the team game, which players excelled a little more? Hockey spectators are mainly focused on Great Britain and the talented Liam Kirk who shocked everyone and won the shooting league at the World Cup, a goal more than the second Gregory Hoffman in Switzerland. Kirk thus accounted for more than half of Britain’s 13 goals in matches.

However, it was not enough by all means to win the points league, where an SHL player topped the list, namely Peter Sehlarik, who played at Lexand last winter. The forward had ten points from seven games, which was also won by Canada’s Connor Brown. Liam Kirk is notable for two assists, thus sharing second place with Adam Henry in Canada.

The best goalkeeper of the tournament is found in the United States, where Cal Peterson scored four goals in 99 shots. The LA Kings goalkeeper averaged just one goal per game, giving him a 95.96% strong percentage. Adam Reitborn’s excellent effort put the new CSKA goalkeeper in third place in goalkeeper figures.

More snow time for all players? Kazakhstan’s Darren Dietz, who played in all seven matches, averaged over 26 minutes per match. On top of these figures, SHLs like Jasper Jensen Abo and Jonas Holles are in the lead.

1. Peter Sehlaric, Slovakia – 7 games played, 10 points.
2. Connor Brown, Canada – 7 games, 10 points.
3. Liam Kirk, United Kingdom – 7 games played, 9 points.

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Liam Kirk, United Kingdom – 7 matches played, 7 goals.
2. Gregory Hoffman, Switzerland – 7 games played, 6 goals.
3. Niklas Jensen, Denmark – 7 games played, 5 goals.

Point Slopes:
Marcus Laritson, Denmark – 7 games played, 7 points.
2. Henrik Domernes, Trey Kroner – 7 games played, 5 points.
3. Nils Lundquist, Trey Kroner – 3 games played, 5 points.

Call Peterson, USA – 4 games played, saving percentage 95.96.
2. Harry Chedery, Finland – Played 3 matches, saving 95.92 percent.
3. Adam Reidborn, Trey Kroner – 5 games played, saving percentage of 94.57.

Most ice ages:
Darren Diets, Kazakhstan – 7 matches played, averaging 26:16 per match.
2. Jasper Jensen Apo, Denmark – 7 matches played, averaging 25:34 per match.
3. Jonas Holmes, Norway – Played 7 matches, averaging 24:58 per match.