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Here are the 12 best Swedish games of all time

Here are the 12 best Swedish games of all time

The miracle of the Swedish Games is often talked about. But which Swedish games have been ranked as the very best? Caffe has the answer.

The new co-op game from Josef Fare is lively and engaging It takes two It has garnered legit awards from both players and reviewers since its release in late March. In addition to Faris, who, thanks to his impressive personality and background as a director, has gained a lot of media space, the Swedish game makers are shining stars in the sky of international games.

With game studios like King, Mojang, DICE, Starbreeze, Paradox and Josef Fares Hazelight mentioned above, Swedish companies are pushing game development forward – and at the same time, they earn a lot. Today’s gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has more than the entire film and music industry combined.

Game maker Joseph Fares has been praised on the cover of the new issue of Café King’s sister magazine.

To play like battlefieldAnd the Maine CraftAnd the Star Wars: Battlefront And the Candy Crush Made by Swedes You probably know – but how many other popular Swedish games have you played? For the best Swedish games ever, Café looked at the average rating from game media reviews at Metacritic – Imdb equivalent in the gaming world.

from Maine Craft To Josef Fare’s recent collaborative success It takes two Here are the 12 best games ever developed in Sweden.

1. Maine Craft (2011) | Computer

Metacritic rating: 93 (PC)

Developed by: Mojang

Maine Craft It is one of the few game titles that almost everyone, even non-gamers, knows about. Both cultural phenomenon GTA And the Skyrim Which, with simple game mechanics and Lego graphic presentation, let players’ creativity flow. Maine Craft It’s as addicting and fun for all ages as it made game maker Marcus “Notch” Pearson as rich as a jerk.

2. Sneak robbers won (2012)

Metacritic rating: 92 (iOS)

Developed by: Simogo

IPhone game specializing in mobile games based in Malmo Sneak robbers won It’s a kind of rhythm puzzle game – not unlike the classic Playstation Paraba is a rapper, As you might remember. They are highly acclaimed by these critics for their challenging, intelligent and at times stunning design – in a positive way – in game design.

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3. Battlefield 2 (2005)

Metacritic rating: 91 (PC)

Developed by: DICE

battlefieldThe series is one of the biggest Swedish gaming successes of all time, with DICE for nearly two decades bringing brighter games to one of the most popular FPS series in the world. With DICE’s self-developed game engine happening Battlefield 2, Unlike its predecessors in the game series, nowadays it is sold like hot cakes. It received very good reviews, especially for the multiplayer segment, which has become synonymous with Sweden Call of duty– The Challenger.

4. Crusader Kings III (2020)

Metacritic rating: 91 (PC)

Developed by: Paradox Development Studio

A strategy with role-playing elements that occurred during the Middle Ages signed by the Swedish masters of strategy Paradox, which, among other things, is behind it Europeana series. Waiting for the new Age of Empires To be released, yes it is There will actually be one, he is Crusader Kings III One of the best strategy games you can play right now. It was nominated for one of the best strategy games of the year at The Game Awards 2020 and considered by many reviewers as one of the best games of the year in all categories.

5. SteamWorld: Ultimate Edition theft (2017)

Metacritic rating: 91 (Switch)

Developed by: Image & Model

Göteborgsstudion Image & Forms 2D turn-based strategy shooter SteamWorld theft It was released in many formats, but it is the Nintendo Switch version The final version Who received the best overall reception. It is considered one of the best indie games of 2017.

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6. Brothers: A Sons’ Story (2013)

Average Rating on Metacritic: 90 (PS4)

Developed by: Starbreeze

2013 debut Cobbs And the Jalla! Jalla!Director Joseph Fares to surprise many as a game director. With her first game, Brothers: A Sons’ Story, Fares immediately found his niche – the co-op. The game was developed with the Swedish giant Starbreeze and hailed as a sentimental adventure with beautiful design and perfect rhythm. Even giant gaming magazine IGN thought it was the best downloadable home game since then Journey, Which topped the annual Best of Many lists for 2012.

7. GTR 2 (2006)

Rating on Metacritic: 90 (PC)

Developed by: SimBin

Swedish company SimBin from Lidköping specialized in racing games simulation, where he was, among other things, former racing driver and GT champ Henrik Roos one of the founders of the company. SimBin made a lot of Grand Turismo games, including those based on the Swedish series STCC, there GTR 2 It was considered in the first place and was named, among other things, the best racing game of 2006 by the giant gaming magazine IGN.

8. Riddick Chronicles: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004)

Rating on Metacritic: 90 (PC)

Developed by: Starbreeze

A movie license game already delivered, which was one of the unusual things in 2004. Action boiled in a kind of prequel by Vin Diesel’s sci-fi-roll Riddick Records Which has been praised for its diverse mix of shooting, engagement, stealth and adventure elements and has been compared to titles such as far cryAnd the half life And the Splinter cell. The first big success in Swedish games is Starbreeze.

9. The world is in conflict (2007)

Rating on Metacritic: 89 (PC)

Developed by: Massive Entertainment

Café 2007 wrote: “With stunning graphics, intuitive interface, skipping everything called resource management, base building, and focus on war, war and war again, they have created (Massive Entertainment editor’s note) the best game in the genre in many years.” In his review of the game it was awarded the highest rating 5/5. Malmö Studio Massive Entertainment has proven with its real-time strategy game, taking place in the final stages of the Cold War, that Swedish game developers are at the forefront of strategy games.

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10. It takes two (2021)

Rating on Metacritic: 89 (PS4)

Development: Hazelight Studios

Josef Fare’s latest game focuses just like its predecessor the brothers And the Director Its quite a co-op mode where you have to be two players to pass the game’s challenges. Matinee entertainment with various challenges and puzzle elements perfect for playing with a friend, partner or child. The gaming giant, Electronic Arts, has a publisher role, which means among other things great exposure and great public relations machines.

11. Maze 2 (2009)

Rating on Metacritic: 89 (iOS)

Developed by: Illusion Lab

As the name suggests, the game involves guiding your ball from point A to point B without falling into any of the game’s obstacles. Malmö studio Illusion Lab was early to use the iPhone’s tilt function and has received positive reviews for its excellent course editor, where players can design their own courses.

12. Journey Down: Chapter Two (2014)

Rating on Metacritic: 89 (PC)

Developed by: Skygoblin

Adventure games whose graphic style and point-and-click mechanics are somewhat classic Grim Fandango, Classic in the genre. Notably, the game’s characters contain masks reminiscent of the previous nu-metal Slipknot band. It was released in three parts in different formats, with the iOS version of Chapter 2 being the best. Dark, challenging, smart, entertaining and fun.