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“He should be allowed to compete, it was like a serious journalist is only allowed to update the teletext” – Sports –

“He should be allowed to compete, it was like a serious journalist is only allowed to update the teletext” – Sports –

Finland had thrashed Great Britain, so was this evidence that the FA’s decision to stand down and stand in the World Cup qualifiers was the only reasonable decision? “We’re serious, so you have to be serious,” says Richard Sandberg.

Finland has rarely played a competitive match as one-sided as when qualification to the World Cup qualifiers was secured. Great Britain’s handball match was completely without a chance and Finland won 33-12 in Karis.

-We went into this as big favorites and we knew it. Today we did the job and were responsible for a well-executed match. “The defense worked really well during both games, and now we also played a more direct attacking game,” says national team captain Ola Lindgren.

Victory music is still blaring from the speakers and Lindgren has an evening flight to Sweden to catch, but he has time to be clear when the importance of Finland’s involvement and competition in these contexts arises.

– It is a signal value. After all, it’s World Cup qualifiers and the players are putting in a lot of time. Obviously we will join in and see how far we can go.

“We are serious – so the association must be serious too.”

The great victory in Karis came less than a year after the Handball Federation implemented austerity measures and announced that Finland would not participate in the qualifiers for the 2025 World Handball Cup.

The federation backed down this spring and is completely satisfied with the players who booked Finland’s place as the World Cup qualifiers continue with the next double meet in March.

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-We were glad it worked. I don’t know how it happened, but when we show as a national team that we take this seriously and want to progress as a team, we will be rewarded by playing in all the qualifiers as well. We are serious, so the federation must be serious too, says team leader Richard Sandberg.

Viktor Grönemark and his colleagues had no problem getting past the British defence.

Photo: Handball Federation/Newspix24/Ronnie Rikoma

How important is this?

– If you knew, as a serious journalist, that you were not allowed to cover next year’s elite sporting events, but instead just update the teletext – you wouldn’t be very happy. “That’s the feeling we have, we have to compete,” Sandberg says with a smile.

Take advantage of counterplay

After Thursday’s away game, Lindgren wasn’t particularly satisfied, but there were also happier faces across the board, as the effort put into the game will be summed up after the second of the two headers.

Against a weakened Great Britain, Finland had to make use of their counter-attacking style and came away easily.

– It was expected that their level would be at this level, but the mission must be accomplished. “Sometimes we were a little unfocused, but overall it was better today,” says Benjamin Helander.

Helander was the team’s top scorer on Thursday, and he continued in the same vein at home. He landed a full ten hits.

– In the face of this type of competitor, it is good to be a winger. You can run more often and have larger surfaces.

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Tougher opposition in March

The World Cup qualifiers will continue in March, and the draw for the matches will be held next week, according to the Handball Federation.

“What is certain is that we will face better opposition,” says Sandberg.

Ola Lindgren sat on the sideline.
Ola Lindgren has to look forward to more difficult qualifying matches.

Photo: Handball Federation/Newspix24/Ronnie Rikoma

Lithuania, Belgium and Ukraine will be joined by the winners of the five ties that will now be decided in early November. The draw will go a long way in determining Finland’s fortunes.

– This young team needs these matches to develop. “Then an opponent of a completely different caliber comes along,” Lindgren says.

The final stage of the World Cup qualifiers will be held in May next year, and will then be joined by the heavyweight national teams that will participate in the winter handball tournament this year. At that point, Finland fell by clear numbers to Croatia in the recent World Cup qualifiers.

Handball World Cup qualifiers

Finland-Great Britain 33-12 (14-5)

Finland’s top scorers: Benjamin Helander 10, Linus Lindberg 6, Max Granlund 3, Benjamin Pizzaro 3, Sebastian Skinen 2, Robin Granlund 2, Ronnie Syrjala 2, Miska Henriksson 1, Jonathan Ekman 1, Victor Grönemark 1, Richard Sandberg 1, Friedrich von Troy 1.

Finland qualified for the next stage of World Cup qualifying with an aggregate score of 58–28.