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He paid half a million to look like Pamela Anderson

He paid half a million to look like Pamela Anderson

39-year-old model Georgina Epitropo has spent more than half a million kroner to follow her idol, actor Pamela Anderson.

– I’ve been obsessed with her look since I first saw “Baywatch” and I knew it was a certain look when I started my transformation in 2015, she tells The Sun newspaper.

Georgina Epitropo has had multiple surgeries on her breasts, including liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, and Botox and fillers. First having her breasts operated in her native England, she later underwent surgery abroad to get her breasts to her desired size.

– So I did my other activities abroad because they are open minded. I couldn’t have gotten the look I wanted in this country, says the dancer, who now has breast size KK.

The reason for the obsession – little attention

Georgina Epitropou says her obsession with plastic surgery kept her out of the spotlight when she was younger, and when she became a dancer in 2015, she became more insecure about her appearance. She thinks that if everyone feels good about their body, they should change what they want in their body.

“Soon to be 40, I’m amazing”

Now she says that she is very happy with her appearance and that she attracts a lot of attention.

– Sometimes there is a mix of opinions, but everyone can have their own opinion, so it doesn’t bother me. “Men generally like my look, women hate it,” she says.

– It feels amazing, I will soon be 40 years old, and I am awesome and more confident than ever, she says.

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A “breast replacement disease”, BII is a widely debated condition and has some widespread symptoms.