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He dug 158 bowling balls under his house

He dug 158 bowling balls under his house

He was surprised – but delighted – when he discovered the bowling ball used to fill the foundation of his house.

It’s easier to get rid of what was used as filler than having to dig for it, he says Detroit Free Press Who was the first to report the results of the tour.

David Olson was digging up the back of his house to build a new porch. He dug 158 bowling balls.

Photo: David Olson

Olson is convinced That there are more bowling balls under his house, he doesn’t need to dig any more at the moment.

However, he became a little concerned about the danger that the bowling ball, likely made in the 1950s, was toxic and therefore dangerous to the environment.

I called Brunswick Bowling Company products that gave a reassuring message, says David Olson.

Most of the Earths However, in poor condition, it is unlikely to talk about anything more than to play with them. He’ll donate some of it, but he’ll probably keep most of it.

– I am happy to share the story of the bowling ball, he tells DN.

– Most of the news flowing now is very bleak, people need something else, and it shows in great interest. David Olson, who also created one, says I’ve given interviews to many media outlets Facebook public group Where those interested can follow what will happen to 158 Earths.

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