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Handheld devices win contract to deliver technology to control nanoplanes

Handheld devices win contract to deliver technology to control nanoplanes

Handheld Group, a leading Swedish manufacturer of rugged portable computers and part of the MilDef Group, has won a contract to develop driver computers for drones for use by soldiers in the field. The specially designed control computer is based on a 7-inch Android tablet from Handheld. The customer is a global defense group, based in the United States, that provides nano drones for military battlefield surveillance. The initial agreement is valued at SEK 6 million with significant growth potential when large volume deliveries begin.

Drone technology has come to be a game-changer for modern warfare and has revolutionized the way military operations are conducted. Drones – drones – have decisively changed the battlefield and improved the way military operations are conducted. The nanoplanes are less than 15 cm in diameter and are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that allow them to operate in low light and poor visibility.

“This transaction is the first joint military contract since Handheld became part of MilDef and gives an indication of the synergies created between the companies. We have taken Handheld’s expertise in developing custom rugged PCs combined with MilDef’s military expertise to provide a solution tailored to our customers’ unique requirements,” says Fredrik Jacobson, CEO of Handheld Group. “Mobile Android tablets are powerful and compact and will help revolutionize operations for soldiers in the field.”

About MilDef

Founded in 1997 in Helsingborg, MilDef supplies tactical information technology, including durable hardware, software and services. MilDef products are sold to more than 160 customers through MilDef subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and Australia, as well as through partner networks in more than 30 countries, mainly within the European Union. MilDef Group is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

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