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Half of the developers are working on late-playing games

Half of the developers are working on late-playing games

The annual GDC poll asks 3,000 game developers about everything from the duration of their work weeks to the platforms they focus on. Like the rest of the world, the games industry has also been colored by the pandemic, and 44 percent of all game developers surveyed feel the game they worked on was delayed because of it. With a slight increase of a few percent, 49 percent thought it was not late, and the rest answered that they are not working on any game at the moment.

Last year, 33 percent answered that the epidemic had delayed their work, which means an increase of 11 percentage points. However, it should be noted that this only indicates the number of developers who have worked on overdue projects, and it does not take into account whether the participants are working, for example, on the same project. However, 2021 has enough delay to fill it Long lists, And it has influenced headlines like Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite.

According to the report, participants encountered difficulties working remotely in terms of collaboration and communication, which was a contributing factor to the headlines delayed. Despite this, the majority of answers say that working from home did not affect their creativity or productivity, while 35 percent saw working at home as an improvement.

The entire survey is available for download The GDC website It contains nearly 30 pages of industry statistics.

Has remote work affected your productivity positively or negatively?