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Haavisto: No evacuation flights from the UK

Haavisto: No evacuation flights from the UK

Since passenger traffic from the UK will be suspended for two weeks, Finland will also not be able to arrange evacuation flights to bring its citizens home. Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto warns of this.

Fearing the spread of the mutated coronavirus, air traffic will be halted by passengers from the UK to Finland for two weeks.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Becca Havesto Grona told reporters on Monday that he understands this is causing trouble for many who want to go to Finland.

However, he does not urge anyone to start drawing alternative road maps on their own, as other countries have made the same decision, and thus travel within Europe has become more difficult.

Earlier in the pandemic, Finland organized evacuation flights to help its citizens return home. It is reported that this is still not possible because air traffic is stopped.

Exceptional measures cannot be taken now.

Essential, he says, is to secure the supply business to and from the UK. These include mouthguards and other equipment. This is something the Finnish government is monitoring.

All Finns in the UK are urged to apply for travel.

Haavisto yesterday promised some relief to get a visa to Finland despite the pandemic. This applies in limited cases to family ties or relationships.

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