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Great Britain invests billions in road repairs – Tidingen PROFFS

Great Britain invests billions in road repairs – Tidingen PROFFS

Among private motorists and professional transport drivers in Great Britain, there is widespread dissatisfaction with the lagging maintenance of British roads. Big potholes cause wear and tear on vehicles, making road safety questionable. Now the British government has announced that it will push for £8 billion (about 104,403,947,200 Swedish kroner) to fix the poor roads.

After the government’s announcement on November 17 this year, there was great joy among the British RAC Its head of policy, Simon Williams, commented: “The Government has identified a significant additional funding opportunity to provide councils with the secure funding they need to properly plan for long-term road maintenance, enabling the RAC to move forward. Many years.”

Now the RAC believes Local authorities use the money as efficiently as possible to build the worst roads, keep them in fair condition and surface treatment and permanently fill potholes where necessary.

Financing The RAC believes this will go a long way in restoring local roads to fit-for-purpose condition and save vehicle owners money on frustrating repairs.

When the RAC speaks Regarding the poor state of local British roads, here in Sweden we see you are still in the northern part of Europe, which is in noticeably poor condition, which is why funding to improve roads is welcome even in Sweden.

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