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Google has hidden opportunities to restrict data collection

Google has hidden opportunities to restrict data collection

Uncensored documents emerged in connection with the Arizona Attorney General’s lawsuit against Google over their data collection methods. The documents show how Google has worked to try to make it more difficult for users to keep their site data private, among other things.

Among other things, Jack Menzel, formerly head of Google Maps, said in testimony that the only way for an individual to prevent Google from knowing where you live and work is to actively assign other addresses to these places.

According to the documents, Google uses several sources to collect location data about users, including wifi apps and third-party apps that have nothing to do with Google. This is by forcing users to share their data in order to use apps or even be able to connect to wifi.

When a new version of Google’s Android OS was tested, where the ability to reduce sharing of its data became easier to find, Google considered it a problem. why? Well, because users are starting to use these features. According to the documentation, this should have caused Google to try to delve deeper into these settings in the menus. Google is also said to have tried to convince cell phone manufacturers to do the same, that is, to make it more difficult for the end user to stop or restrict data collection.

LG, which was one of the manufacturers that should have been pressured by Google, or Google itself, didn’t want to comment on the issue when Insider asked them about it.

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