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Goes against the list of picitrock with remote physiotherapy

The e-signature may seem new, but the truth is that it has been used extensively by companies around the world for more than ten years. E-signing is the simplest and most flexible way to sign quotes and contracts remotely – but it will not help you move customer conversation and business forward in the way required in today’s sales environment, says Samir Smajik, CEO and Founder, GetAscept

E-signatures are often the gateway to the digital sales process, and many believe that digitizing their sales is enough. The data from the digital sales platform GetAccept is that 50 percent of contracts sent with e-signatures are not actually signed.

– It tells me that 50 per cent of businesses need to run more digitally and efficiently, and that it’s not just digital signature, explains Samir Smajik.

Achieving a contract is about the same thing that is always done – trust, personal relationships and a smooth buying and selling process. While most businesses take place in a digital environment, the past year has presented challenges in how to maintain personal experience and commitment.

– There are even ways to engage and stand out in the digital sales process. Imagine that you are opening a contract, a video that comes first, explaining it to you before you immerse yourself in your seller contract. You get a chat where your seller asks questions directly in the chat if you need to. Samir says that compared to opening a PDF in an email, I enjoy the process differently and it suits me personally.

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In addition to video and chat, it’s also about making it easier for the customer to make a purchase. With Document Tracking of GetAccept, you can find out who, or who went through your contract. You will also find that each person sees a little extra, so that they can easily address their potential issues in the next conversation. You have the option to send your documents via SMS and automatically remind the recipient if the contract is not signed.

If you combine these various engagement functions in your digital sales process, GetAccept’s stats show that your success rate can increase by up to 75 percent compared to sending a contract via email for a clean e-signature. It is clear that personal communication that creates commitment has a major impact on the number of transactions, including digital.

Eighty-five percent of all sales will take place digitally in a few years, so it is already a matter of creating conditions that can handle the increased demand for flexible digital sales and purchasing processes, thus creating constant competition.

– If you do not go by train now, it will be difficult. Many companies are already at the forefront, and Samir Smajik concludes that if you do not take this seriously now, you are risking your business.

GetAccept is a sales tool that is free – create your account today and test it yourself!