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Global industry: United Kingdom joins hands with Mexico

Together with the United States, the United Kingdom is one of the international leaders in the liberal democratic order built in the second half of the 20th century. Historically, it has played an important role in the integration of such multilateral companies United Nations, Atlantic Alliance or Economic Cooperation and Development Organization.

It could not be any different considering that the British promoted the Industrial Revolution, pioneering parliament as a form of government, and promoting liberalism as an economic model and political program.

In 2016, the outcome of the referendum that led to Brexit was not only the expression of the majority of citizens who voted against the continuing owners. Union Europe. The beginnings of Brexit were also a warning sign, more than one interpreted as a sign of a turn toward an isolated and protectionist movement in the UK’s relations with the world.

At the time, it was assumed that the UK would join the group of countries that were openly hostile to the international free trade order on the basis of the principles of diversity, co-operation and cooperation between countries. Happily, today we see concrete steps in the opposite direction. One of them is the ongoing trade agreement between Mexico and the United Kingdom, which was unanimously approved by the full session of the Republican Senate this Tuesday.

It is an agreement that ensures the continuation of free trade between the two countries, and with it, the continuation of the integration opportunities provided by this trade opening; Moreover, it sets the stage for the start of negotiations on a new comprehensive, modern and ambitious bilateral agreement at the height of the challenges of the 21st century.

Although this is a temporary arrangement, this agreement is a clear example of the commitment that both the United Kingdom and Mexico will maintain with a long-term open vision. In the same vein, the British government has formally stated its intention to join Trans-Pacific Partnership Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement, TIPAT, of which our country is a part.

We cannot help but point to the gospel behind British actions: a UK leaving Europe does not mean a liberal UK. Brexit marked the UK’s break with a regionalist industry, but it did not mean abandoning its global business.

The Senate, on the other hand, should also celebrate that it has shown its vision for the state, amid strong tensions; A political plural recognizes the importance of promoting order based on global governance.

Let a group of legislators unconditionally support the continuing agreement and with it our most valuable interests. Congratulations.

By Claudia Roose Massie
Senator for PRI