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Get a Covid certificate before your holiday trip - this is how it works

Get a Covid certificate before your holiday trip – this is how it works

What is a covid certificate?

The EU Common Vaccination Passport, also known as covid-proof, is a document showing that you have received a covid-19 vaccine and the number of doses you have received. It should be possible to present the certificate digitally or in paper form at border crossings in connection with identity checks.

Free Covid certification and service opens July 1st. Until now, however, a Swedish Social Security number is required in order for you to get one.

How do you get a covid certificate?

Take the vaccine. Within seven days, the vaccination is reported to the National Immunization Registry. Then log in with your e-ID

Download, print or save the vaccination certificate. The certificate is automatically sent to your digital mailbox and is ready for use.

What if you do not have an electronic ID?

If you cannot use the electronic identity, the certificate can be sent in paper form to the address of the population registration. The form will be available On the first of July. Anyone who does not have access to the Internet can call or send a letter to the E-Health Authority and request a form. Here, too, a Swedish social security number is required.

What information is in the COVID Handbook?

So far, the certificate only contains proof that you have received the vaccination. In addition, the documents contain the name, date of birth, date of issue and a unique certificate identifier in the form of a QR code. From mid-July, the evidence is also due to include negative test results, and by August 12 it will also be possible to have evidence of recovery.

Do you need to take both doses before serving?

It is sufficient that you have received your first dose of the vaccine, but keep in mind that it may take up to seven days before it is reported. The rules about whether you need one or two doses of the vaccine may also differ between different countries.

Some countries accept the guide only if 14 days have passed since the last dose of the vaccine, so check what applies to your destination.

What is the validity period of the vaccination certificate?

A Covid certificate is valid for 90 days, but a new one can be downloaded for free as often as you like, if you, for example, get rid of your mobile phone.

Do you have to have a certificate to be able to travel?

A Covid certificate is intended to facilitate, but is not a requirement for travel within the European Union. However, different countries may require different types of certificates and tests, so you should stay updated on what applies in the country you are traveling to via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the website of Sweden embassies abroad.

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