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German Height Alarm: "I can't take it anymore"

German Height Alarm: “I can’t take it anymore”

In recent seasons, there were only a few countries at the absolute summit in the longitudinal world. During the World Cup in Oberstdorf, Norway won 18 medals, nine of which were gold. Sweden ranked second in the league championship with seven medals and Russia was third with a total of five medals.

The economic superiority and leadership of the major countries is now beginning to affect other countries.

– She lost three coaches after the World Cup. They couldn’t stand it anymore, they burned. But I can’t bear to bring in good coaches from abroad, as Germany’s national team manager Andreas Schlüter told the Norwegian newspaper VG.

“No interest”

The World Cup home this year would be a popular festival and an opportunity for good publicity for the sport in Germany. Instead, the riders competed in front of empty stands and the host country was completely without medals in the long-distance restroom.

A low interest rate leads to significant financial consequences.

big difference

VG made an attempt to compare the budgets of the different national teams, although it was not possible to obtain exactly all the information.

According to VG, the German national team’s cross-country budget is 20 million SEK. It is much smaller than Sweden, which has a budget of 64 million, of which 45 go to the national team. Norway has a budget of 93 million, 30 million goes to the three national teams.

But Germany is still far from the countries with low budgets. Slovenia, which won two medals at the World Cup, has a modest budget of 1.76 million according to VG.

“Impossible to get sponsors”

A large part of the money comes from sponsors. But without athletic success, care can be difficult.

It is impossible to have patrons for cross country skiing in Germany. We get our money from ski jumping and alpine skiing through cooperation within the association, Schlotter says.

Even in the UK, the economy is tough.

– We do not have sponsors. Nobody is interested in sponsoring British cross country skiing. We get the money from the lottery, British coach Justin Fingery tells VG.

CLIP: Here are all Sweden’s medals at WC

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Here are all Sweden’s medals at WC picture: Bildbyrån / SVT