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Games should work without porting on Snapdragon PCs

Games should work without porting on Snapdragon PCs

In a presentation at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024, Qualcomm's Issam Khalil said that upcoming ARM-based laptops will be able to run Windows games without having to port first, according to reports. the edge.

During the presentation, which was themed “Windows on Snapdragon, a ready platform for your PC gaming,” Khalil wanted to point out to game developers that their titles should run directly on laptops equipped with the company’s Snapdragon processors, as they will use emulation to run x86 games. 64.

Cali went on to explain that developers have three options when it comes to Windows on Snapdragon-powered PCs. The easiest and least time-consuming option is to do nothing, as their games will likely run anyway using x64 emulation.

The other two options are porting games to ARM64 to get the best possible CPU performance and lowest possible power consumption, or the hybrid solution “ARM64EC”, which makes it possible to mix ARM and x64 code bases and thus get better performance without having to fully port the games.

Qualcomm says emulation has its drawbacks, but performance may be sufficient. Image source: The Edge

While Calley didn't mention any specific games running or how many games Qualcomm has tested, he did say that the company is testing the most popular games on Steam and thus feels confident in its claim.

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