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Frida Eldebrink on Amanda Zahuis winning the national team: Get it

Frida Eldebrink on Amanda Zahuis winning the national team: Get it

When long-time WNBA player Zahui announced her decision to SVT Sport to withdraw from the national team, she explained that there were a variety of factors that had now led to her decision to end her career with the national team – including her feeling that it had not always been a safe environment.

-There is a lot that has been swept under the rug, from racism, things that should not be said, and ignorant things, among other things.

“Wonderful energy”

Now the national team has gathered for an upcoming qualifier, and Zahui’s message has clearly been a topic of discussion.

– It’s obviously boring. Personally, I love playing with Amanda, she has a lot of energy on the court. So obviously it’s very sad, I would have liked to see her in the national team. But at the same time, I understand it completely, says 35-year-old veteran Frida Eldebrink.

-You talk a lot about how the environment was not always safe in the national team, and I was also on that journey and also witnessed certain moments so I can relate to that.

How is the mood and security now?

– great. We have a coaching staff that has been with us for a few years and they seem to be a great, harmonious group with a good atmosphere.

“Continuous contact.”

National team coach Robin Sandberg also expressed his regret over Zahui’s announcement, and said that the national team plans to maintain contact with the Swedish star.

– I think we will continue to communicate with Amanda to see where she is and how she is performing this season and next season, to continue communication if the door is opened, he says.

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Sweden begins its European Championship qualifiers match away to Great Britain on Thursday, then plays at home against Denmark on Sunday. SVT broadcasts both matches.