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Fresh air purifier for life with low cleaning

Fresh air purifier for life with low cleaning

Stockholm, March 9: Something has happened in Sweden. Suddenly cleaning yourself up has become a norm, everyone is talking about cleaning tips, and the book on cleaning tips tops the sales list. For those who want to continue the cleaning process, but want to make it easier for themselves, now comes a new air purifier designed to catch airborne dust before it settles on floors and surfaces. Swedish air purifier Blueairs DustMagnet க்கிறது blends into the home like any design furniture and provides life with minimal cleaning.

During epidemics in recent years, we spent more time at home. It focuses more on cleaning and indoor air quality, with the result that both traditional media and social media are filled with tips and tricks on how to keep our homes as clean and tidy as possible. It has become a condition to cleanse oneself and even to brag about it.

The cleaning trend we see in Sweden is not isolated, but part of a global concern about what dust means to our health. According to a major survey by Swedish air purifier Blueair, seven out of ten people in China, India, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States are concerned about dust in their homes and see bad air pollution in their homes. In India, South Korea and the United Kingdom, dust is considered a major problem in schools and the workplace. [1]

– About 150 million people worldwide are allergic to dust, so it’s not surprising that dust tops the list of problems with air quality in homes and office environments worldwide, says Alexander Provins, director of Blueair’s EMEA.

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Inhalation of fine dust or small harmful particles also known as PM2.5 can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause difficulty in breathing, heart and lung problems and many other diseases. So Bluer is a new air purifier – DustMagnet ™ – which solves the problem of large amounts of dust using a unique technology, which removes dust particles before they settle to the surface, which contributes to better air quality in the home, while also helping to clean it.

No matter how often a space is cleaned, dust can quickly accumulate on a wide variety of surfaces. Blower’s Dust Magnet ™ technology is designed to attract dust particles in the air, such as magnets, before settling on floors and surfaces. For those who don’t want to fully follow the new cleaning trend, this is good news.

With a practical surface that acts as a side panel, the DustMagnet is designed to blend into the home like a stylish Scandinavian furniture. It does not need to be hidden behind the sofa, instead it is clearly visible where it is most effective.

– Our studies show that consumers do not like air purifiers that look like machines. So, we combine functionality with aesthetics and create an air purifier that looks like furniture. DustMagnet Can be used as a bedside table or as a side panel in a prominent place in the living room. The most important thing is that people do not think they have to hide their air purifier in a corner, says Bluer Design lead Jacob Knfer.

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About Blueair
Blu-ray is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air purification solutions for homes and offices. Bluer has been founded in Sweden and has been providing world-leading, innovative and energy efficient products and services for over 25 years, selling products in over 60 countries around the world. Bluer is part of the Unilever brand family.

Facts DustMagnet
Thanks to the powerful air flow combined with the two positively charged front filters, the dust in the air is captured and removed, resulting in less need for dust and vacuum.

In addition to dust, thanks to DustMagnet’s Bluer’s HEPASilent tek technology, it effectively inactivates bacteria and viruses and expels 99.97 percent of particles in the air up to 0.1 microns, i.e. allergens, pollen, mold, petroblasts and microplastics. The activated carbon in the DustMagnet filter also removes unpleasant household odors and smoke. Thanks to a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration, Bluerine Hephasilent filtration technology can use less dense filters than traditional air purifiers. Therefore, DustMagnet can produce clean air, quieter and with lower energy consumption (less than light bulb).

Two sizes for different sized rooms
DustMagnet Available in two sizes, the 5240i cleans rooms from 20 to 48 square meters[2]DustMagnet ™ 5440i is designed for rooms from 33 to 79 square meters.[3]. For faster cleaning, DustMagnet லாம் can be used in smaller rooms, and Blueair recommends that the air purifier handle 4.8 air changes per hour to ensure continuous clean air in a room.

Smart integrated functions for the modern home
With smart connected functions and geofencing technology, DustMagnet ensures a clean home whether you are at home or not. Auto mode function with smart sensor monitors air quality in real time and automatically adjusts to improve cleaning efficiency.

Thanks to the “Welcome Home” functionality in the Blueair app, DustMagnet. Will go into standby mode when you leave home and turn on when re-accessed. This ensures dust-free air when you get home. Thanks to the night mode, the DustMagnet ar purifies the air with dimmer LED lights at lower fan speeds, thus preventing nighttime sleep deprivation. The intuitive user interface with a five-step color air quality indicator provides real-time information on air quality and alerts you when it is time to change filters.

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You can control DustMagnet ளுடன் with instructions, using voice services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Alternatively, the Blueair application can be downloaded to control and regulate the air purifier.

Made in Sweden
Like all Blueair air purifiers, DustMagnet ப்பட்டது is designed to ensure the highest quality, safety and durability in Sweden.

The filter can be easily cleaned with a cloth or soft brush before catching large particles to extend the life of the main filter. For best performance, Blueair recommends cleaning the filter once a week.

Available for purchase at DustMagnet ™ Clas Ohlson, Webhallen. Luftrenare.seElgiganten, Media Markt and

[2] According to AHAM 20m² room sizes based on 4.8 air changes per hour and 48m² based on 2 air changes per hour.

[3] According to AHAM 33m² room sizes based on 4.8 air changes per hour and 79m² based on 2 air changes per hour.