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Free vaccination regardless of age – Blekinge District

In the past, vaccination against measles, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, and whooping cough was free for guardians in the public vaccination program for children. Because of the Ukrainian crisis and the security situation in Europe, Swedish municipalities and regions (SKR) recommend that regions offer free vaccination to everyone, regardless of age. Thus the decision also includes asylum seekers and those who receive care such as asylum seekers. An important reason is to promote the persistence of a high proportion of vaccinated people in the population.

Decision to buy a property in Kungsplan in Karlskrona

The regional council has decided that Blekinge will buy part of the Karlscrona 4:10 estate from the Karlskrona municipality. On this site, in Kungsplan in the North Center, the district wants to build to meet many of the local healthcare and medical needs. At the same time, the regional council approved the sale of the property “Sjöstjerna 12” in Stortorget, where the Trossö Women’s Health and Care Center was, to the municipality of Karlskrona.

Read more about the decision in this news. Link to another website, opens in a new window.

Blekinge region heading for surplus in 2022

The Blekinge District as a whole is heading toward a fiscal surplus for the whole of 2022, but many of the district’s committees and departments are heading into deficits. This is shown by forecasts in the interim report, the so-called four-month financial statements, from January to April. Forecasts for the whole of 2022 show a surplus of SEK 57 million for the region, which exceeds the budget by SEK 25 million. budget deficit in:

  • Board of Health and Medical Care: minus 180 million Swedish kronor
  • Dental Care Board: minus 5 million Swedish kronor
  • Culture and Education Committee: minus 0.6 million Swedish kronor
  • Traffic Committee: minus 35 million Swedish kronor
  • Regional service: minus 6 million Swedish kronor.
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The Regional Council has now instructed these committees and departments to take measures to reduce the deficit. The Board also decided to redistribute an additional 63.4 million Swedish kronor to the Health and Medical Care Committee. This money will only go to reduce the current deficit in Medicare and Medicaid administration.