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Fredulina Rollo leaves Wolfsburg this summer

Fredulina Rollo leaves Wolfsburg this summer

Fredulina Rollo came to Wolfsburg from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2019. The striker signed a two-year contract that she did not choose to extend. Wolfsburg announced today that Rolfo is leaving.

Mainly because I wanted to buy myself time to think and figure out what I wanted to do. It was a time limit of the amount of time I had to pass. And I felt it was too early, so I chose to say no, says Rolfo of SVT Sport’s decision.

“Great to try something new”

In addition to Rulfo, 22-year-old Norwegian Ingrid Engen also leaves in the summer.

We tried to keep the players, but they both rejected our offers. It does not come as a surprise. We had open and honest discussions, says Wolfsburg Director of Sports Ralph Killerman for

The Swedish striker says to SVT Sport that the reason she was turned down was not because of any dissatisfaction.

No, not really. I think he meant I’ve been in Germany for a long time, I’ve played here for four and a half years. Now I am curious and open-minded. She says it was great to try something else at some point.

“You want to play outside Sweden’s borders”

Rulfo says talks are taking place with other clubs but nothing is clear.

At the moment, there is nothing special that attracts me, I am only happy that there are opportunities. And in Europe, it looks very good in the growing women’s football.

Is it okay to move home?

A: No, not the current situation. Now I feel like I want to continue playing outside Sweden.

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CLIP: Rolfo’s first goal after a concussion (17 December 2020)

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Scorer, Fredulina Rulfo, in the CL semi-final against Barcelona. picture: Bilderan