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France: Compulsory vaccination for healthcare professionals

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It will be mandatory for healthcare professionals in France to have a vaccine against Covid-19, President Emmanuel Macron said in a televised address in which he talked about several measures to stop the rapid spread of the delta variant.

Healthcare professionals have until December 15 to receive the vaccine, according to France24, which points directly from the letter.

– The president says if we do not act today, the number of cases will continue to increase.

Macron announced that a so-called Covid certificate showing you have been vaccinated or have been infected will also be required in restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping centers from August.

The vaccination of high school and middle school students will also begin this fall.

There is a strong anti-vaccination movement in the country at the same time that the number of infections is increasing, from 2,000 cases per day at the end of June to nearly 4,000 today.

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