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Four NATO ships to Stockholm – DN.SE

NATO has a consistent naval force (SNMG) operating in northern Europe with large warships from NATO countries. Countries are changing in strength as part of NATO’s sustainable readiness.

In previous years, one or two ships from the Army had visited Stockholm on scheduled voyages. But this time four ships are participating in the port visit. They arrive at the free port of Stockholm on Friday and stay until Monday.

– Rebecca Landberg, communications manager for the Swedish Navy, tells the DN that this is a pre-planned visit.

The force is led by the Dutch warship De Zeven Provincien, which comes from Germany and Canada with Erfurt and Halifax and the German maintenance ship Spessart. Outside the Baltic Sea, the French warship Latouche-Tréville operates, which is also part of the force. It is involved in lake monitoring of the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is on the way The ships trained in air defense and submarine hunting in conjunction with the Swedish submarine. They have also practiced how the force should defend itself when going on port voyages. Upon arrival, the force will train with HMS Karlskrona and the ships will be called a general scenario picture showing what is happening in the immediate area.

– NATO benefits from Sweden’s knowledge and expertise, I appreciate the high level exercises we continue to carry out with the Swedish Navy, “said Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces At van de Santo in a NATO press release.

“These kinds of exercises provide valuable opportunities to work together and develop the ability to cooperate. NATO appreciates its close partnership with Sweden,” said a statement from the Army Headquarters in Northwood.

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The Command emphasizes that the six Baltic Sea states are members of NATO and that the region is of great strategic importance. The force will contribute to the “reliable and efficient defense capability” under the NATO agreement and mandate.

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