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Forza Horizon 5 review: It might be the best game of the year

We don’t have to care about this.

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best car games ever.

Airplane flying over mexican landscape. It has a Ford Bronco. And there I sit.

Tonight I’m very tired. I think I should try Forza for about half an hour and then go to bed early and finish the next day.

But as soon as the car was thrown off the plane and the wheels hit the ground, I got hooked. Sleep can wait. Masterpieces like these don’t come up very often.

More than 500 cars

Everything is fine with this game. All the details.

The open world is fun to explore. From winding roads along the mountainous coast and volcanic climbs, to deserts battered by sandstorms and terrain through the jungle. He’s crazy cute. Big difference from the fourth.

Enchanted by riches. Excited about experiments.

The map, of course the largest to date, is full of activities. The competitions, the race itself, are hugely diverse. It’s not just the consideration of environmental changes or the fact that it’s filled with so many action elements that sometimes it feels like a Bond movie.

Add to that the feature that allows us players to create our own events. It is brilliantly designed and it looks like these events will be crowded once the game is released to the public.

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Then there are more than 500 cars to start assembling – including six Koenigseggs and three Volvos, hihi. You will probably understand for yourself how different their behavior on the track is. But just wait…

Nirvana for the student car

Honestly I start laughing when I realize how much I can modify a car. For the car nerd, this is nirvana. But even for the hobbyist who watches Top Gear from time to time, I’m happy to touch a little bit to the suspension or engine speed between gears to try and improve the result.

The sound picture itself makes me spin like a cat with pleasure. And in the headphones I hear how the engine sound has changed as a result of my adjustments. Very cool.

“Forza Horizon 5” has basically everything that has made me love “Gran Turismo” over the years. At the same time, it takes me emotionally back to the time of “Need for speed underground 2”. It doesn’t matter if the event I’m going to is on the other side of the map in total. I don’t want the “fast travel” job, I’d rather drive there.

And on the way there, I have time to get distracted a few times to destroy XP signals, break the speed barrier, or just sonic jump as far as I can down an incline.

Unparalleled gaming feeling

yes oh. What an adventure. Every time I get or buy a new car, or win a contest and get the ‘prizes’, I feel satisfied. I just want more. I have to catch them all.

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The gameplay feel is among the best, if not the best, that I have experienced in a car game. The graphics, the sounds, the cornering response, the ABS brakes crunching, the vibration in control when I speed away… all of these components marry each other in a way that makes me feel good.

The mere fact that “Forza Horizon 5” is in Game Pass from day one is a crazy fact. The great and affordable subscription service has already become a new leader. A new mother.